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How we can help your anxious 7-13 year old

Our team are accredited Anxiety Disorder Recovery Specialists with combined decades of experience helping people to achieve full recovery

Children are actually easier to help than adults. Their minds are calibrated for learning and their ability to engage with what makes them 'feel good' is perfect for the psycho-educational approach we use.

Because we understand what causes anxiety, what the catalysts for the initial anxiety events can be and have a deep understanding of how the psycho-physiology works, we have a unique ability to understand fully what an individual needs in order to recover... and provide it.

We are all ex sufferers but we are also mental health practitioners with a unique insight into the processes and behaviours which support anxiety instead of supporting recovery.

Why therapies and medication have failed you... if you want your child to recover, this is VITAL information.

Whilst practitioners of cognitive based therapies, counselling and other therapies may have good intentions, the problem lies within the core science.

Anxiety is a condition of the emotion of fear.

Anxiety is a disorder and is never appropriate. Fear is appropriate.

Cognitive/talking therapies are based on a flawed core scientific principal... that thought precedes emotional response. It does not.

You cannot modify emotional responses through thought, talking, relaxing, meditating or hypnosis... and anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or misleading you.

These practices will either perpetuate suffering and can often exacerbate them.

So what does remove these disorders?

Actually, the mind and body are genetically pre-programmed to do this as a preset, however, this is where the 'disorder' comes in... in fear disorders, the system malfunctions and the reason why this happens is going to surprise you.

Your child suffers from an anxiety condition because they have a special kind of intellect.

They may not often appear that way, but they have it; how do we know?

Because in the absence of it, they CANNOT suffer from an anxiety disorder.

They belong to a group that around 20-25% of the world's population also belong to.

It may be that some children also have other conditions, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, physical disabilities, learning issues... this is irrelevant; if they have an anxiety disorder, regardless of how they might be perceived, they have this special kind of intellect. But don't worry... it's an amazing gift.

So what can we do about this?

Our programmes reach inside the autonomic part of the brain which controls emotional responses and switches their responses back to their 'birth preset'. The level of emotional response they were genetically designed to experience. This is NEVER anxiety. It is always a sensible level of responses. No one is born 'anxious'.

Once emotional equilibrium is restored, the child will anxiety free, have re-resourced their intellect to more productive pursuits and will be programmed to respond emotionally appropriately from that day forward.

It's wonderful to see. Watch Hollie's video below for an example of how we transform lives.

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