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West Midlands safari park

We chose this venue because it is synonymous with joy, excitement and inspiration

What better way to enjoy a learning experience, that would normally associated with clinical settings, than in a place of joy and excitement; creating positive emotions, experiences and memories which give rise to positive sensory experiences.

We are fortunate to have WMSP on our doorstep.

We are located in the purpose built educational building on the south side of the Hippo pool with windows looking out over the pool, safari park and African village.

WMSP have really thought about every aspect of the learning experience and we have come together to create a truly wonderful, life-changing experience for every client and their family.

We know you'll come away from our event feeling relieved and excited.

What do you get to see and do?

You and your family

You will get full access to the park and its facilities for the whole weekend if you choose to stay over.

The park

You will receive a family pass for your party to access the Safari Park. The park has a wide variety of snacks and dining options.


There are a number of very nice hotels locally. They range from budget to luxury. We can provide you with details should you wish to stay over on any of the nights.

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  • we Help children recover

    Recovery is actually a 'genetic preset' in all humans, it's just that the 'reset' doesn't happen naturally in anxious people.

  • we help children realise their potential

    Our programme doesn't end at recovery. It repurposes intellectual resources, creating focus, wellbeing and fulfilment.

  • we help parents understand and guide

    Helping and supporting parents is vital. We will lead your child towards recovery and teach you how to gently assist.

Our Courses

Recovery with full, unlimited, ongoing support & guidance

Separation anxiety, school phobia, night-frights, phobias, obsessive thoughts, tics... the manifestations of anxiety in children can be very worrying. We will show you how to quickly overcome your child's anxiety.
7-13 Year olds
Teenage years can give rise to many physical, chemical and psychological changes but also to sociological changes. Anxiety in teens is very troubling for the parents and sufferer alike. Our courses support both through to recovery.
14-18 year olds
The Anxiety Recovery Retreats have been running since 2009 and have received guests from all over the world. The Retreat's reputation precedes it. To learn more and view reviews, click on the button below.